Taste Carambola in Guangzhou Changzhou Island

Taste Carambola in Guangzhou Changzhou Island


    Carambola, persimmon fruit, pomelo (Citrus grandis) and water caltrop are the four seasonal food of the Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Day. The Changzhou Island in Guangzhou's Huangpu District, now is the land of carambola harvest.

    A girl picks a carambola on the island. (Guangzhou Daily)

    Till the end of October, the district government organizes a festival themed with carambola for the islanders and visitors, in the hope of exploring tourism charm of the island. A series of events including cross-island orienteering, carambola and country dishes DIY contest, long-roll painting, cliff climbing and beach valleyball.

    The carambola varieties in the Changzhou island are introduced from Thailand in 1992 and from Malaysia in 2002. Thailand carambola fruit is very big, juicy and crips. Malaysia carambola fruit is gold, sweet and without fiber. Now 270 mu of carambola is cultivated on the island.

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