World Largest SciTech Museum to Open in Guangzhou

World Largest SciTech Museum to Open in Guangzhou


    The world's biggest SciTech museum will open to the public in Guangzhou on September 27.

    Illustration of the exterior (Guangdong Science Center)

    The exterior (Guangzhou Daily)

    The Guangdong Science Center, with an area of 450,000 square meters, is situated at the far western tip of Xiaoguwei Island, also the location of Guangzhou University Town. The program has been through two rounds of design and construction bidding, with an investment of 1.9 billion yuan from the government

    The central building includes eight exhibition areas, four science cinemas, two open laboratories and a digital "family-experience" hall, as well as a 20,000 square meter temporary exhibition area. Outside the main building is an 80,000 square meter artificial lake for water-themed exhibitions and an outdoor science square.

    The center is a non-profit institute designed to educate and boost the popularity of science, which features programs pertaining to scientific travel and academic communication. In addition to its academic halls, conference halls and information center, the center boasts a large canteen as well as a shop selling souvenirs, science books and videos.

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