Pawnshop in Qing Dynasty to Open Freely in March 2008

Pawnshop in Qing Dynasty to Open Freely in March 2008


    The blockhouse "Dongping Pawnshop" in Qing Dynasty was officially handed over to its new owner, Guangzhou Hengsheng Pawn Co., Ltd. On the morning of September 23rd, which was one of Guangzhou's landmark buildings with over a hundred years' history. The Pawnshop is located at the crossing of Zhongshansi Road and Yuexiuzhong Road and its site would be rebuilt into China's first "Pawn Museum".

    According to Guangzhou Hengsheng Pawn Co., Ltd., the reconstruction plan would not change the original structure of Dongping Pawnshop. The reconstruction plan would be launched after the National Day holiday and was expected to complete next March. After completion, the Museum will be opened for free to the public. This is Guangzhou's first testing water of entrusting a company to run a cultural relic.

    "The Pawn Museum will be the public's museum!" introduced Ma Zhaocong, Executive Director of the Hengsheng Pawn Co., Ltd. The old pawn house would be built into a museum displaying pawnbroking industry themes, "Dadongmen Old Pawn House Museum". The first floor would display the history of Guangzhou's pawn broking industry with pictures, practicalities, audio and video methods; on the second floor, senior pawn masters perform the art of appraisal for watches, jade articles, diamonds, and gold items; the third floor was used to exhibit and sell the rare articles of various member enterprises of the Pawn Association of Guangdong Province. The fourth floor was an elegant exchange between artists, collectors and citizens.

    The practicalities on display would be composed of three parts. One part is provided by the mavins and old pawn houses of the industry, one part includes the suspended pawn and extinct pawn articles, and the third part would be solicited from the public. "We hope the citizens will donate the pawn articles that are of great historical significance to the museum for display, such as old pawn tickets, the tools once used in a pawn house, and so on. These anthropo-data are important materials to reveal the appearance evolution of a city."

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