Cantonese Food Cataloged Intangible Cultural Heritage

Cantonese Food Cataloged Intangible Cultural Heritage


    The Cantonese Lap-mei rice (file photo)

    Cantonese Lap-mei, the dried salted meat, was cataloged in the second set of the Guangzhou municipal intangible cultural heritage recently, according to the local government.

    Guangzhou is the heaven of eating. It is the first time for the Cantonese food to be successfully listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage catalogue. Apart from Lap-mei, the Cantonese Lian Rong Biscuit (cake/pie filled with lotus seed and sugar) and the Ji Zai Biscuit, also called Crispy Chicken Biscuit (a kind of food with no chicken inside actually) were also on the list.

    Lian Rong Biscuit (file photo)



    Crispy Chicken Biscuit (file photo)

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