The Old Canton Memories at Five-Immortals Temple -- Guangzhou Travel Guide

The Old Canton Memories at Five-Immortals Temple -- Guangzhou Travel Guide

    Two craftsmen are presenting their work at the Five-Immortals Temple.

    It was learned at the opening of the Yuexiu District 2009 Commemorative Chinese Cultural Heritage Day and Launch Ceremony of the Millennium Anecdote, on June 12th, that the Baigongfang Workshop would be built inside the Five-Immortals Temple this year. Citizens can encounter their olden-days memories of Ancient Tales told in Cantonese, and in period costumes. Too, the Five-Immortals Temple will open for a week for free, with no admissions charge.

    The featured Baigongfang Workshop is located in the west side of the Five-Immortals Temple, covering an area of more than 100 square meters. Chen Xiaodan, the Vice Chief of Yuexiu District committee, said "we will invite folk artisans to make and show folk arts and crafts on-the-spot. Ancient folk-tale-telling in the Cantonese dialect, Chinese vertical bamboo flute music and costume-making as well as chimera modeling are expected to be shown on the stage. The folk arts and crafts will provide a mechanism for making, showing and distributing examples of the traditional arts of the area."

    Since the year 2000, the Guangzhou Municipal and the Yuexiu District Governments have invested over RMB 80 million to restore and expand the Five-Immortals Temple. And, the Baigongfang Workshops are hopeful to be completed and open to the public this year.

    In the near future, the Yuexiu District will also exhibit selected cultural heritage objects with unique Cantonese features, including examples of ancient tale-telling Cantonese operas and fine examples of delicate Guangzhou Embroidery. At the same time, the Yuexiu District decided to open the Five-Immortals Temple free of admission charges for one week (June 12¡¡¡¡¨¬¬C19).

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