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106th Canton Fair

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

The Canton Fair, held in Guangzhou, China is one of the largest trade fairs and is held twice per year in the spring and fall. With over 200,000 from around the world attending, finding a hotel in Guangzhou during the Canton Fair can be a challenge. At we help take the troubles out of travel with a great hotel selection in Guangzhou for the Canton Fair and around China from Beijing to Shenzhen. 

The Canton Fair 2009 for the 106th Canton Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou from October 15th to November 4th, 2009.

You can get more details of the Canton Fair from their website or read our Canton Fair Review.

Sections of the 106th Canton Fair ( October 15 - November 4, 2009)
Phase 1 (Oct. 15-19) Phase 2 (Oct. 23-27) Phase 3 (Oct. 31- Nov. 4)

* Large Machinery and Equipment
* Small Machinery
* Bicycles
* Motorcycles
* Vehicle Spare Parts
* Chemical Products
* Hardware
* Tools
* Vehicles (Outdoor)
* Construction Machinery
* Household Electrical Appliances
* Consumer Electronics
* Electronic and Electrical
* Computer and
  Communication Products
* Lighting Equipment
* Building and Decoration
* Sanitary and Bathroom
* International Pavilion

* Kitchen & Tableware 
* General Ceramics
* Art Ceramics
* Home Decorations
* Glass Artware
* Furniture
* Weaving, Rattan and
  Iron Arts
* Gardening Products
* Stone and Iron Products
* Household Items
* Personal Care Products
* Toiletries
* Clocks, Watches &
  Optical Instruments
* Toys
* Gifts and Premiums
* Festival Products
* Men and Women’s Clothes
* Kid’s Wear
* Underwear
* Sports and Causual Wear
* Furs, Leather, Down &
  Related Products
* Fashion Accessories
  and Fittings
* Home Textiles
* Textile Raw Materials
  & Fabrics
* Carpets & Tapestries
* Food
* Native Produce
* Medicines and Health
* Medical Devices, Disposables
  and Dressings
* Sports, Travel and
  Recreation Products
* Office Supplies
* Shoes
* Cases and Bags

105th Canton Fair

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

105th Canton Fair

The 105th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou China in April 2009.With nearly 200,000 people from 210 countries attending the fair, hotel occupancy in the area is extremely high and most hotels are OVER booked. Under this situation, the hotels require reservation by credit card guarantee or prepayment from guests; guest paying in advance will be guaranteed a room. We advise you not to wait until last minute to secure your reservation.

You can get more details of the Canton Fair from their website or read our Canton Fair Review.